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I'm currently a defense attorney in New Orleans with a diverse practice including construction defect litigation, threat assessment, risk and response liability assessments, insurance defense, policy generation for houses of worship regarding firearms possession and the use of lethal force by members/congregants, corporate collection matters, and toxic tort defense. Prior to this role I was a prosecutor with both the Orleans District Attorney and the United States Attorney's Office in New Orleans.

At least twice a year, I teach emerging 2A law topics for NBI or other legal associations. This can involve anything from upcoming Supreme Court cases involving circuit splits on Chevron deference to proposed practical responses to ATF agents involved in Operation Reticent Recall. I've taught the legal aspects of concealed handgun permitting and use as part of the statutorily-required course in Louisiana. I've also been part of research teams for the Tulane School of Public Health in examining best practices for systemic public health policy in terms of the best application of the field of prosecution

In addition to keeping my legal knowledge up to date, I regularly take practical firearms-related classes to keep my subject matter expertise at the cutting edge of the industry. The investment of time and sweat that I constantly put into both my practical expertise and my legal expertise affords me the knowledge to be an authoritative voice in the Second Amendment community.

Brian Ebarb

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