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John Schleiffarth

Founder, JCS Law

Licensed in Missouri

John Schleiffarth is a passionate advocate for Second Amendment rights. He has successfully defended thousands of individuals in both the state and federal courts. John is a frequent lecturer on Missouri firearm laws. He also lectures on best practices for firearm owners who wish to avoid entanglements with the law. He devotes a large portion of his law practice to defending the rights of hunters and firearm owners. 

John has become known in the State of Missouri for his firearm law expertise, and is often referred cases from other lawyers when their client’s cases involve firearms. John has written extensively as a featured author in various legal publications. A native of the “Show Me” State, John regularly trains with his own firearms. John is often in court. He regularly engages in jury trials, pre-trial motion hearings, plea negotiations, and in negotiations for the return of firearms unlawfully seized or retained by the government.

The Second Amendment is special, because it helps to protect our other essential rights and liberties as citizens. John believes deeply in our foundational American rights, and uses his courtroom and legal expertise to protect the essential individual rights found in the Bill of Rights.

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John Schleiffarth


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